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Rules & Player Skills
  1. The basic IIHF rules are applied.
  2. The minimum number of players in one team is 10 + 1 goaltender, maximum number of players 20 + 1 goaltender.
  3. The player can only be in one team. Borrowing players is not allowed.
  4. Age category 18+ is allowed.
  5. Only players with the skill level B, C, D (see / player skill level) can participate on the Fox Ice Hockey Cup. (the player cannot be active last 5 years on http://www.eliteprospects.com )
  6. If a hockey player with the skill level E participates in the tournament, he will be immediately excluded from the tournament without a refund, and the points of his team will be removed. The hockey player will be disqualified for gross violation of rules of the tournament.
  7. The tournament is divided into 3 game days and each team plays 4 matches.
  8. The winner of the tournament wins 1 000 € worth starting fee for the Tournament of Champions in Prague, Czech republic.
  9. The match takes 2 x 20 minutes of brutto time.
  10. The ice resurfacing will be done after each match.
  11. If the team doesn’t show up on the ice within 5 minutes from the planned face -off, the match ends with a 5:0 loss, in favour of the opponent.
  12. If one team has two contumacies because the players showed up late on the ice or there was a serious violation of rules, the team will be disqualified from the entire tournament.
  13. In case of a balanced result when the team is winning or losing maximum of 2 goals, the timekeeper stops the time during the interruption of the game only the last 2 minutes of the game.
  14. When the match in play off or play out ends in a regular game time in a draw, 3 shootouts follows on each side. If after 3 shootouts on each side there still isn’t a winner, each team has only one shootout until it is decided about the winner.
  15. In the case of time lag, the organizer claims the right to shorten the match.
  16. 2 points are awarded to the winner, 1 point for a draw in qualifying matches is awarded for each team and 0 points for loss.
  17. Neither the organizer nor the referees have any legal or financial responsibility for the damages on health or property of the participants at the time of the tournament.
  18. The tournament organizer is not responsible for the injuries caused during the match. The organizer provides only first aid to the injured player.
  19. Each player is required to have a personal insurance.
  20. Dirty play is not allowed. Verbal or physical attacks on the referee are not allowed. In the case of a physical attack on the referee, the player and his whole team are disqualified from the tournament.
  21. In the case of a physical attack on the opponent, the player will be excluded until the end of the match and won’t be able to play in the next match.
  22. In exceptional cases, the organizer has the right to call a Disciplinary Board (DB), which decides about the punishment of a team who violated the rules. A majority of DB’s votes is needed to decide about the punishment of such team. DB consists of 5 members (2 members of organizing team, 2 captains of unaffected teams and a referee)
  23. The organizer reserves the right to change the tournament date for technical reasons.

Our goal is to enjoy the game we love during fair-play matches, meet new friends and enjoy 3 days full of fun.

  1. Level A

    Level A skaters are often new to the game of hockey and those that are developing fundamental skating and stick handling skills. Most are learning basic rules of the game and team play.


    Level B

    Level B skaters have general knowledge of the game and have fundamental skating and stick handling skills. Some will be advancing from a novice level of play and others may be slowing with age and moving down from higher ranks.


    Level C

    Level C skaters are the great wide middle of adult recreational hockey. Most Level C skaters have not had significant coaching or played significant youth hockey as a child, but are generally athletic, have good knowledge of the game, skating and puck handling skills and can play at a general competitive level. Some Level C skaters may be slowing with age and moving down from higher ranks. Level C normally has the greatest numbers of skaters and the widest range of average skills within the rank.


    Level D

    Level D skaters have substantial hockey abilities, skills, knowledge and experience. Most Level D’s have been coached and have played considerable hockey in the past. Some Level 4 skaters may be slowing with age, and/or are interested in playing in a consistent manner appropriate to league play and moving down from Level E.


    Level E

    Level E skaters are the best skaters in the league and have exceptional hockey abilities, skills, knowledge and experience. All Level 5’s have been coached and have extensive organized hockey experience, likely to at least include elite high school or junior level play to those who have played advanced college, major juniors or professionally. Level 5 includes a wide range of very skilled players.


    Skill Calculator

    This equation MAY be used as a guide and to further determine questionable skill levels. Follow steps 1-3 – add total points to determine your  Ranking

    Step 1 Age:

    Points       Age

    1 PT          18 – 24

    2PTS         25 – 29

    3PTS         30 – 39

    5PTS         40 – 49

    7PTS         50 – 59

    10PTS       60+

    Step 2 Highest Level Played:

    0 PTS       Professional, NCAA DIV I or III, Tier I Junior or Junior A

    1 PT         Junior B, ACHA (College Club) or Midget AAA

    4 PTS       Varsity High School or Competitive Midget

    6 PTS       Coached Youth: Bantam Pee WEE

    10PTS*    Youth Park/Pond Un-Coached Hockey or Mid-Level Adult Recreational


    * Only for those not coached as a youth – Add Points for Years in Adult League

    +1 PT       5+  Years

    +2PTS      3-4 Years

    +3PTS      0-2 Years



    1 – 4 PTS         Level E

    5 – 10 PTS       Level D

    11 – 14 PTS     Level C

    14 – 16 PTS     Level B

    16+ PTS            Level A